Grab your TECHFEST Live ft. Road-To-WCIT Malaysia ticket at the lowest rate with 81% discounts – for 48 hours or until tickets run out!

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Grab your TECHFEST Live ft. Road-To-WCIT Malaysia ticket at the lowest rate with 81% discounts – for 48 hours or until tickets run out!

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A 3-day global tech festival for growth and market access

18-20 NOVEMBER 2020


A 3 days digital festival to be enjoyed both virtually and through specially curated physical events and live broadcasted conversations to keep technology to its promise of bringing good to humanity. All from George Town, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in Penang.

LIVE broadcast with 77% household penetration across Malaysia
Opportunities to explore Southeast Asia with a market size of 650million people from your screens with AI enabled B2B networking amongst 3,000 global influencers, experts, industry leaders, investors, founders and C-suites
Talent matching and recruitment from cream of the crop of top universities with some of the most successful companies in the region
Online exhibitions to explore likeminded partnerships, new business opportunities and capital markets
200+ on-demand sessions with at least 120 global experts’ featuring insights from industry leaders, new innovative business models and sharing of inspiring success stories of tech use from across the world

Rewrite the rules and rethink opportunities

Equip your business with the latest and most current conversations of how technology is redefining how we live.


Different economies perceive advances in technology in different ways, this is a WCIT track for businesses to stay competitive amidst the digital advancements.

Digital Lifestyle

From connectivity to going cashless, digital lifestyle connects everything to promote growth, efficiency and better quality of life.

Experiential Tech

Take a proactive stance and confront the new ways of living with the latest breakthroughs and the most innovative of companies especially in ecommerce, foodtech, esports and gaming.

Ethical Tech

Important codes, questions and issues to build a safe, fair and sustainable digital future.

5G’s Power of Transformation

Enabler to industry and societal change – best practices that navigate the heavy 5G investments to fulfilling its potential and implementation.

Urban Innovation

Discover innovations that can help transform cities to be liveable and sustainable.

Meet the Experts and Authorities for Innovations

Nancy Giordano

Strategic Futurist & Founder, CEO of Big Play Inc

Ryo Umezawa

Director, J-Seed Ventures Inc.

Alan Jones

General Partner, M8 Ventures

Ariel Garten

Fouder, Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Marita Cheng

Founder/CEO, Aubot

Carl Nicholas Ng

CEO, Lifetrack Medical Systems

Cameron Adams

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Canva

Kashmera Self

Associate Vice President, Interac

Joel Neoh

Founder, Fave

Kok Tin Gan

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Gina Romero

CEO and Co-Founder, Connected Women

Humna Raza

Founder, Inspire Me

Tom Teehan

Chief Visionary Officer, SOLREV

Steven Lam

Co-Founder and CEO, GOGOX

Jarmo Eskelinen

Director,University of Edinburgh

ROAD-TO-WCIT Malaysia is a lead-up towards marking the return of the prestigious World Congress On Information Technology, WCIT to Malaysia that expects a congregation of visionaries and business leaders from 80+ economies.

Held since 1978, WCIT – a signature event by WITSA, the World Information Technology and Services Alliances; usually hosted and celebrated in different countries through competitive bidding  – is the largest and most reputable international event among worldwide IT leaders. Endearingly known as the Olympics of the world’s information technology conferences, speakers of WCIT have included Al Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Bill Clinton, Don Tapscott, Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, John Chambers, Nicholas Negroponte and Colin Powell.

One of the most anticipated event from Road-To-WCIT Malaysia is the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards 2020 which will be presented to exceptional achievements in realizing the potential of businesses, providing better services, improve services and providing trust and transparency in governance. Entries are submitted from around the world.

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Penang was a centre of trade and culture exchanges between the East and the West. Its early manufacturing success and industrial experience evidenced by the presence of the multinationals companies  has famed Penang as ‘The Silicon Valley of the East’.

An authentic Asian experience, Penang’s prosperity as British outpost and ancient port city attracted the world to its doorstep, inter-marrying local cultures with that of the world. The potpourri of Asian cultures and world religions make Penang a successful multicultural and multi-religious experiment that has thrived for generations. The vitality of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is evident in the traditional artisans still practicing their trade in the heart of the city.

Forget not the tantalising gastro spread as Penang cuisine is famous the world over for its incredible variety, cultural influences and quality. Asia’s great culinary traditions live on in Penang’s coffee shops, hip cafes and fine dining establishments.

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